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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Photographing Food in the Ferguson Valley, Western Australia

I have had a great weekend being immersed in Photography.

On Friday I attended a "Lightroom" photo processing workshop. It was part of a 3 day weekend of events organised by the Photography Group of Bunbury and the WA Photographic Federation at Evedon Park Bush Resort in the beautiful Ferguson Valley only about 30 minutes from Bunbury in the south west corner of Western Australia.  Evedon Park has cottages which would be lovely for a weekend getaway.You can see some pis from around Evedon here -

We have had quite a bit of rain the last few weeks so the rolling hills of the Ferguson Valley have put on their best green dresses. It's beautiful driving up around here this time of year. There are wineries and galleries and walks.  In the bottom pic you can see some cows and calves being moved along the road from one paddock to another on my way home this afternoon.

 To keep reading and see more pics, please click on "read more" .....


Brent Acie from Team Digital in Perth was a great presentor for the Lightroom workshop. I learnt a lot. Now to practise! 

Honestly I do not do a lot of post processing, but at times it really does help recover a not so perfect photo or make already beautiful photos better. Once you get used to "Lightroom" and what you can do, it really is quite easy to use.  

Do you take pics in RAW? I didn't until last year - but I do now - you can do so much more with RAW than a JPEG.  It was once described to me as - Jpegs are like a box of 12 colour pencils, whilst Raw is like a 36 box of coloured pencils. It was a great description that made RAW a tangible thing to me as I imagined a huge box of coloured pencils and all the possibilities of colouring in with this treasure trove. 

Brent said: "Don't get bogged down by the rules. Think about what you were feeling when you took the photo and how you can convey that feeling to the viewer" Photography is communicating and influencing a response.

Here is a photo I took last year at the beach, and below it is the post-processed version. I wonder which you prefer? The orginal is softer and cooler and more restful, but the processed one more vibrant with the glow of the setting sun.  What you like of course is your personal preference. I don't go for over-processed images that don't look real or are "over-cooked" -  I hope I haven't done that with this shot. I would be interested to know what you think.

For those who have been following me on my blog, you will know I have had a "thing" about food photography the last couple of years.

On Sunday morning I went back out to Evedon Park to assist Bunbury photographer, Paul Webster, run a food photography workshop as part of the weekend of events. I was thrilled to be invited by the Photography Group of Bunbury to assist with the workshop.  I really enjoyed the morning helping the participants learn about food photography. And from the responses we received everyone enjoyed the morning which was very "hands on".

Paul said, "as a working photographer you need to be able to bring something different to your photography".

 There is a thought process - what are you trying to say? The photo starts with an idea in your head, what is attractive about the food, what is the visual appeal (colours, textures, smell). What are you trying to say to the viewer? What senses do you want to stir up? How do we go about getting the best result? 

Food photography is all about wanting people to eat - to buy the food or the cookbook. 

For me it was great to be able to take photos of restaurant quality dishes in the lighting and set up that was there.  We had beautiful soft cloud diffused lighting on the verandah, and inside lighting, including over the bar and in the pizza oven! Some people added flash into the mix.

Part of the deal with Evedon Park is that they will be able to use some of the images for their website. It look forward to seeing if any of mine are selected. Here are some of the shots I took - they cropped themselves a bit when I put them in the collages.

and my personal favourites - dessert of course! - Don't they look delicious?  For something a bit different I have backlit from behind with the light from the refrigerators, with some light from the overhead spotlights over the bar.

 And two beautiful trees on the road to Evedon - yes processed in Lightroom. It was a cloudy overcast day, but I managed to pull a bit of blue into the sky.

Thanks for stopping by. I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful week. 

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  1. After years in the 'dark room' in college days during those photography classes that used to be a requirement of getting a journalism degree (think, 'dinosaur') I have been happily snapping away with my point-and-shoot box of '12 Crayons'. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the fabulous work of real photographers, like you Jill. Another lovely set of photos and great narrative.

    1. hey there is absolutely nothing wrong with a point and shoot. I have had many point and shoot and jpeg pics published in magazines. Happy snapping!

  2. Your're making me hungry and it's only 1020!
    While the processed seascape is lovely, I like the unprocessed one better - it all comes down to the feeling. The first photo has me 'there'. I can imagine it - hear the sea. The second, processed image, is more like a piece of art. It evokes a certain feeling but it doesn't put me in the scene.

    1. thank you for your thoughts on the sea scape - I agree!

  3. I had never thought about food photography but you definitely made it all look so appealing.

  4. Jill, I like the post-processed version better because you can really see the scene more clearly and the colors and light shine through better. I don't know anything about photography. What does it mean when you take pictures in RAW? And what do you do (or what program do you use) to post-process a picture? Christa

    1. Hi Christa, if you look in your camera "menu" or the manual that came with your camera you can see if you can take RAW images or not. If you take RAW you need to process them in a program like ":Lightroom" before they can be converted to jpegs and used. RAW images have a lot more potential for post processing. For a beginner photographer taking pics of family, holidays etc for your own pleasure, jpegs are perfectly fine. I was taking all jpegs until late last year.

  5. What a great post! Filled with lovely images and great ideas. Except, now I'm hungry! I would love to be in those rolling hills. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the photography workshop.

  6. Jill, your photography is always a treat to the eyes. The workshop sounds like fun! I love the beautiful scenic shots, the cows in the road and your food looks delicious.. Well done, have a happy week!

  7. Hi Jill, wonderful set of pictures. Both photo's of the beach are great but I actually like the top one it's softer and has more feeling and emotion to it, which was what you were trying to capture-beautiful.

  8. Jill, you have presented the region beautifully. I like your photography.

  9. What a wonderful workshop event in a very beautiful location. 'Lush' and 'green' are not what come to mind when I think of WA. Your processing is lovely - and I agree about avoiding over processing. If it were me I wouldn't have saturated the beach scene quite as much - love the contrast and depth you have created but the colour seemed a little too much. Editing can be so much fun. I've not tried Photoshop or Lightroom but enjoy iPhoto and PicMonkey.

  10. What a lovely series of fabulous shots.

  11. Love your images - my favourites are the desserts ( l love dessert and orange) and the last one. You might like to have a look at my Mandarin Orange Monday sometime:)

    1. thank you for your invite over to Mandarin Orange Monday Lorik

  12. I too am a point and shoot photographer, but have been thinking outside the square lately. thanks to challenges on instagram. Love your food shots and am learning from you xxx

    1. thanks Rae. I also below to a Flickr group that puts up a challenge every week. I don't always have time though.

  13. Beautiful photos Jill! Love the Ferguson Hill landscape, so serene and verdant. Your food shots are making me really hungry, really well done :)

  14. I want that breakfast, it looks delicious and romantic


  15. I love Lightroom. It makes post processing so much easier and allows for so much better control. Great job with the food photos--they look so yummy!

  16. This is all so wonderful Jill, but I must say, your food photography is truly an art skill you have learned to perfection. I love everything about what you are doing and I would have to taste test it all after the shoot ;) My Internist shared with me about photographing in the RAW and I gave it a good try, but went back to not fine, but normal shooting. I did not like taking up so much space with the RAW shots as well as I just find the normal to be adequate for me. Many more use RAW though and it is a wonderful thing for us to have choices like this available. Happy weekend~


  17. Thank you for linking up with Mandarin Orange Monday:) A perfect contribution!

  18. I think they should choose all of your shots. They look totally professional and certainly make me want to be there munching. Nice to see the cows coming home. :)

  19. Your food photos are stunning...this is something I've been trying to work on lately, too, since it's such a huge part of my travels. Gorgeous!

  20. You did a great job with your food photography shots. Really you made everything look very appetizing.
    And I prefer your extra processed image as I think it has more depth to it.

  21. You are doing great with the food photography. I sometimes shoot in RAW, but often too lazy!

  22. Love your images. They look amazing.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  23. Ferguson Valley is sooooo beautiful! I would love to take a class on Lightroom. I use it but fear I don't know the program's full potential. For sure I shoot in RAW when I use my DSLR!

  24. That's a great description of the difference between jpg and RAW, Jill. I shoot RAW but I don't do a lot of post processing work (mostly because I'm not very savvy at it - I really should take a class!) but I know that it can really make my photos pop, like it did your beach pic.
    You really make food come alive with your photos.


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